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Rozeta Bedroom


EGP 42,000

Property Description

You will feel like a queen or king in this room, it was made with unique atmospher to make you feel better than any time left.


Bed Details:

Bed Height (cm): 105

 Bed Width (cm): 160

 Bed length (cm): 195

 Bed Material: Moskie wood

Set Includes:

 Cupboard Height (cm): 220

 Cupboard Length (cm): 240

 Cupboard Depth (cm): 60

 Dresser Depth (cm): 45

 Dresser Height (cm): 80

 Dresser Length (cm): 80

 Mirrors length: 70

 Mirror width: 70

 Nighstand width (cm): 50

 Nighstanddepth (cm): 45

 Nighstand height (cm): 50

Material: MDF

Description of the cupboard: 

The right and left leaf contains 2 shelves and a hanger, and the middle leaf contains 3 shelves and an external drawer

Delivery: within 15 - 20 working days - (2 Years Warranty)

For different colors, sizes and extra customization please contact us.

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