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5 Steps to Finish an Apartment

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

If we’re about to finish an apartment, we always stuck in the beginning phase. We don’t know from where shall we start? And what are the right steps of finishing?


1.Firstly, if the apartment is on the red brick, you’ll need to start with laying electricity hoses. Also, if there is a plaster on walls and you need to change the place of the hoses and counters, you’ll have to break down the plaster in order to lay the new electricity hoses inside the walls.

2.The second step starts with the plumbing works. you have to locate basins, bathtub, and washing machines, etc,

3. Here we come to the plaster time including some carpentry stuff such as doors and windows sanitation, and many other works such as splash, and tendons. But, if the apartment is semi-finished, you’ll find that such things are done,

4. Now you’re ready to install ceramic for kitchen and bathroom walls as it’s better to place ceramic in a rough interface to bind stronger,

5. The final step is to start with painting and it includes two phases: the basic paints and the final one. Also, in this step, start with installing doors and windows as installing them earlier could expose them to damage.

Finishing steps aren’t as easy as it seems, that’s why people tend to hire a finishing company in order to finish the apartment professionally and in time.

Also, If you’re about to finish your apartment you need to be aware about our packages which fits all your needs (contact us)

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