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How to Fix Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure makes it challenging to use any plumbing system at home. To fix this, you’ll need to find the primary cause of this issue. So, the first thing you should do is check your hot and cold water faucet’s water pressure. Calcium and sediment build-up in the aerator are usually the most common reason for low water pressure. But always remember that this plumbing problem can also be a symptom of more complicated issues like hidden water leaks at home, blocked sewer lines, and pipe corrosion. That’s why it’s crucial to detect the problem before looking for a fix. If you notice that mineral deposit on the aerator is the primary issue, soak it in vinegar to clean it. You may also do the same for your showerhead. Simply dismantle it and clean off any dirt or soap. You can then use a toothbrush that’s soaked in vinegar to scrub and loosen mineral deposits. Once that’s done, a toothpick or something similar can be used to poke off loose deposits. After this, you may soak the parts in vinegar overnight to dissolve any leftover deposits.

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