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Why does the price of a kitchen meter differ from one manufacturer to another?

In this article, we will discuss together the most important points that make the price per meter of modern wooden kitchens change from one place to another, so let us get to know the most important of these points. First: The wood kitchen cupboard shutter is worth choosing carefully There are several types of kitchens, such as polylac kitchens, acrylic kitchens, HPL, lacquer or melamine, and here you think that the entire kitchen cupboard consists of these materials, but in fact only the front cupboard is made of this material, while the rest of the kitchen cupboard (chassis) is made up Of MDF boards or counter boards pressed fromica. Of course, each kitchen material has a different price and specifications Suppose you are designing a kitchen from polylac. If you manufacture the entire kitchen from polylac, its price will be very high because the price of the polylac panel is high, up to 3000 Egyptian pounds. Therefore, the kitchen chassis is manufactured from other materials that are lower in cost, but good in durability and insulation. So let's get to know the chassis. Second: The chassis is the main nerve of the modern wooden kitchen: The chassis is the most important element that must be taken care of when manufacturing your kitchen because the chassis is 75% of the kitchen cupboard, and because the quality, strength and prices of the kitchen cupboard depend on the cupboard chassis. We will learn about the most important types of materials that are used in the chassis. And we know that the chassis consists of either MDF or the counter material, with a layer of heat and moisture insulating fromica glued to it. MDF is one type and good, but the counter panels are better for the chassis thanks to the high durability of these panels The best counter materials in the market for the manufacture of modern kitchens Good Wood Counter: It is considered the best and most popular in terms of durability and quality, and the average price of a Good Wood counter is 1000 EGP Contrast Wood, Al-Sharqawi, Al-Fania and Al-Fursan come in second place, with an average price of 950 pounds. In third place are several types of counters, their prices range between 400: 800 pounds, depending on the quality and strength of the countertops. Therefore, the chassis plays a very important role in determining the durability and price of modern wooden kitchens

Third: Hinges and drawer runners play an important role in price and durability This is because there are many types of hinges and drawer runners, varying in price and durability in the markets. The hinges are divided into two types. Either you (Soft Close: that is, you find that the wheel of the cupboard closes itself slowly after moving it with your hand) or else you must close the wheel to the end. There are also types according to the country of origin. The best hinges and runners come from Austria, Italy, Turkey, Germany and China, and each type has its price, and this ultimately leads to a difference in the price per square meter for the kitchen from one place to another. So you have to ask about all the mentioned above to know the difference of the prices cames from where and then you can decide what exactly is your needs. ⭐ What will you get when you order a custom-made Kitchen from Best House? 1. The kitchen will be sealed by a plastic layer to protect the units during the transfer and assembly process. 2. We conduct an inspection Free of charge. 3. We provide you with color carts and samples for all the available raw materials 4. We provided full support and a detailed explanation of the differences between each material and help you decide on the one that most suits your needs and expectations. 5. We measure the given space and suggest the best use of the space while keeping the client's requests and visions in mind. 6. The kitchen will be supplied to you directly from the manufacturer, there is no middle man, therefore the best price is guaranteed. 7. 5-year warranty. Contact us: Email:

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Haythem Saudy
Nov 12, 2022

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